A portrait of musician Rafael Moreira

Portrait Photography

The difference between my headshots and portrait photography

A headshot is a work tool, it has a very specific propose and answers needs and criteria set by the entertainment industry. A headshot needs to accurately reflect the way you look. I will make sure to present you in an attractive light and mostly help you get into the mood and work on expressions that will bring your character out.

A portrait is a more loose and artistic way to capture your persona, mood is usually more dominant and working on the end product can have more creative lighting and post processing involved.

Portraits are mostly used by publications, musicians, artists, professionals and corporations for many uses, such as:
  • book covers
  • posters
  • CD covers
  • promotional material
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks
  • artwork to hang on your wall
  • Anything else you can imagine...

Package 1

$590 /1 Look

Including 2 retouched images

Package 2

$780 /2 Looks

Including 3 retouched images

Package 3

$970 /3 Looks

Including 4 retouched images

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